• Date: 2024-04-09
  • Time: from 18:00
  • Location: Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Vienna (at least one person will wear a NixOS-themed hoodie or shirt and you can also ping us on matrix if you find it hard to locate us)
  • Language: English and/or German, depending on who’s present.
  • Presenters:
    • @phaer will do a introduction on nixos-anywhere and disko, explain why they are useful & roughly how they work.
    • @Krezzlu will do a demo on impermanence (with disko), explain why you might want to use it and give pointers to further resources.

The plan is to have a chat while people arrive and start the program with a round of introductions before talks & demos.

While the inputs focus on declarative disk partitioning & provisioning NixOS, we try to keep talks below an hour to leave plenty of time for all kinds of questions, discussion & chats during the rest of the evening.


If you want to contribute to future meetups by proposing topics, preparing talks or organizing venues, or have other inputs related to the emerging Nix(OS) community in Austria: Join us at #nixos-at:matrix.org and let us know.