❗ Please note that the meetup date has changed since this page was first published.



The first meetup will be held on Thursday the 23nd of March.

We will start at about 17:00 and I expect to finish at 18:30, but everyone is welcome to continue discussions after the meetup.

Since I haven’t really promoted the user group so far, I expect the number of participants to be low in the beginning.

For this reason, the first few meetups will happen online.

Once I can better estimate how many people might participate in future meetups, I will look for a physical location where we can comfortably meet. Also, as soon as we have some regular participants, I will schedule all meetups using a local Framadate instance, so that everyone who wants to can join.

You are welcome to join this meetup by following the link below:



In case you would like to contribute to the agenda of the meeting by proposing a talking point or a lightning talk, please feel free to reach out to me by email to chat@thym.at or contact me on Mastodon or any other platform you can find me on.

On most sites (including NixOS Discourse) you can find me by my handle @totoroot.